“Solid reporter with good thinking skills that enabled her to get past the first barricade put up by public relations people. She’s gotten even better since then but she had everything she needed while still in training at school. Has seen the writing on the wall for journalism and retrained herself as a web first reporter with good internet research skills. Hard worker, good writer, solid citizen. You should hire her and do yourself a favor.”
Jay Perkins, Associate Professor, LSU Manship School of Mass Communication

“Alexandria takes any challenge and handles it with discipline, determination and deftness. She is an excellent researcher/reporter in that she knows how to find the right sources and how to ask the right questions to get the best information and answers. She is comfortable working with words and visuals in journalistic storytelling. She knows how to choose the right medium to help in telling the right story for a news audience. Alexandria also works a story until she is sure she has covered all the bases.”
Janet Kolodzy, Assoc. Prof., Emerson College

“Alexandria is one of the most-talented and detail-oriented reporters I have ever worked with. She has a good body of experience in a newsy region of the country, and a fantastic attitude.”
Ed Medina, Adjunct Professor, Emerson College

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