Poynter used Storify to show how false reports of former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno’s death spread and were debunked. This is a great use of an important social media tool. It’s also a great way to teach a valuable lesson.

Let’s this be a reminder to all journalists and bloggers. Getting it first isn’t always getting it right.

See the full post below:

| Poynter.

How false reports of Joe Paterno’s death were spread and debunked | Poynter..

NECIR-BU investigation: Poisoned Places

New England regulators are taking months — and sometimes years — to sanction factories the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency calls HPVs or high priority violators of the Clean Air Act. These are facilities that repeatedly exceed air emission limits or violate state and federal environmental orders.

New England has nine of these facilities which are recorded on a closely guarded U.S. Environmental Protection watch list. And late last year, the list was made public for the first time following a joint Freedom of Information Act request from the Center for Public Integrity and NPR.

The following story is a result of that FOIA result.

Poisoned Places: Slow state action against New England polluters

Check out the entire Poisoned Places series on the Center for Public Integrity’s website:

Poisoned Places: Toxic Air, Neglected Communities

or on NPR.

Presenting: “In The Moment”

I wanted to share a documentary my classmates, Shuyi Wang and Tamara Starr, and I made for our documentary filmmaking class at Emerson College. It’s called “In the Moment” and runs a little over 12 minutes long. It is about a young fashion design student named Marie. She is our protagonist and spends most of her days sewing at the School of Fashion Design on Newbury Street. Her story of self-discovery will surprise and delight you.

The cinematography and editing must be credited to Shuyi, a young independent filmmaker who is more amazing than she realizes. Tamara also was a great asset. She is enthusiastic and has many fresh ideas.

Anyway, check out the doc below.